Nearly There

Today was another day of cleaning and moving (we must have the cleanest house in Hampshire)

We moved the last odd bits of furniture in to our container, I think we could fit a rizla paper in if we tried, but it would be a push.

img_2483IMG_2483.jpgHopefully tomorrow we will finish the caravan packing, I’ve got the main things sorted , the T.V, satellite box, golf clubs, iPod so I’m set.

Just one MAJOR task left……..Jane has to choose which clothes she is going to take…….time for me to head for the gym I think .

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2 Responses to Nearly There

  1. poddys says:

    I have had my fill of packing, especially trying to fitt a lot of odd shaped things into a small space. Used to have 3 storage units when I lived in Indiana. Pleased I have somewhat downsized these days. Mind you, the loft is chock-a-block full.

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  2. Gary Smith says:

    I think you need to repack that Ian… all those years of packing carrier bags and you’ve left gaps everywhere. Where am I going to put my next motorbike?

    Good luck to you both. Oh and don’t forget the camera, Sarah said she wants to see every photo.

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