Captains Blog- Star Date 6th Feb

After another solid day of packing (Jane sorting out her clothes) and after a roast dinner with my dad we are finally on our way, the hardest part of any caravan trip is getting it out of my dad’s gates, I have to drive up the pavement on the other side of the road to ensure I have enough clearance for the back of the van.

A quick drive down the M27 (nice to think we won’t have to drive that road for a while)  and we are at the ferry port in Portsmouth.

A quick call to Dave Amos who sent Jane the birthday card with “adventure before dementia “on it, to thank him for giving us the title for this trip, then the excitement of driving the fully loaded unit up a 1-in-3 slope to the next deck then having to do a 180 degree turn it was time for a well earned drink.

Although the sea was a little choppy we had a good night’s sleep, img_2492in the morning we both commented how calm it was, when we looked out the window and realised we had made a quick stop at Roscoff!

A good breakfast of bacon and eggs has settled the stomach ….now a little light reading I think.

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  1. poddys says:

    Pleased you had a smooth-ish crossing. Debbie and I were in Southsea Sunday afternoon for a walk along the front. Chilly but nice, there was even someone swimming in the sea! Hope it’s a bit warmer in Spain, time to relax 🙂

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