Bilbao to Pamplona

Well, we arrived in Bilbao early this morning, great to be back on dry land after a choppy crossing, the weather a bit on the grey side but a little warmer than back home.

Set the sat nav for Pamplona, only to find it still thinks it’s in Portsmouth, no matter how many times I reset it , it won’t work, we have had to resort to a system which uses print outs of sat nav information called maps….not sure it will catch on!

Arrived at the campsite to find we are the only people there on a 150 pitch site so plenty of room to chose from.img_2496

After setting up we headed of to Pamplona, a lovely city with lots of character ,we had tapas and a glass of wine

Then I……

img_2497-2Ran with the balls, just like Ernest Hemingway.

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3 Responses to Bilbao to Pamplona

  1. poddys says:

    You made it to Espana 🙂 Now it’s time to start speaking Spanglish!
    Just got an email from Virgin Active – they sold the club to David Lloyd!

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  2. Carol Anne Pullen says:

    Good to hear you’ve arrived safely. Ian’s got the golf balls out already then!


  3. Gary Smith says:

    Nice to hear you’ve made it even if you had to use that sextant and compass to find Spain.
    Glad to see you cleaned them.

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