Pamplona to nearly Valencia via Zaragoza

Yesterday began with an early start as we needed to stop at Zaragoza, so the Skoda sat nav expert could sort out my car, the previous afternoon we had spent a couple of hours in the Pamplona branch where a very helpful assistant tried in vain to solve the problem.

Turning up with the caravan on the back, in the middle of Zaragoza with a very tight car park raised a few eyebrows, and was a pain for me as I had to keep moving back and forth to let cars in and out.

All in vain, we have had to resort to the old fashioned way of navigation, maps, very stressful as the road signs are not as abundant as in the U.K or France.

The drive from Zaragoza to Camping Altomira in Navajas was lovely, very reminiscent of driving across the Arizona desert, only colder.p1090945

This campsite has a lot more going for it…..fully open for a start and HOT showers and  there are other campers and a fully stocked bar ( from where this is being typed)

Lots to see around here, I had an hour or so to spare this morning as Jane was doing her hair so I went for a little stroll……….


And this is what I found, not bad before breakfast !

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1 Response to Pamplona to nearly Valencia via Zaragoza

  1. poddys says:

    Sorry to hear they can’t fix the Sat-Nav, it does make life a bit more of an adventure when you have to resort to using maps (hope Jane can map read!), but to be honest I used to really enjoy researching my routes using maps and the Michelin Guides, albeit when driving in France. Still, as long as the locals are friendly if you do get lost, and as long as you don’t end up on a single lane mountain track that peters out and you can’t turn around… Have fun…

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