El Castell De Guadalest


Wednesday 15th February

Today, after getting a load of washing done and on the line (Jane was so pleased with the little present I bought her at the caravan show!)


And after I had completed my vigorous exercise routine , and


a good stretch after a long bike ride…..

We decided to head for the hills for a bit of culture, Jane had chosen a castle that was highly recommended in the guide book, so we set off with our new sat nav, which has got an annoying american accent and calls a roundabout a “rotary”(sorry Curtis and Barbara!) towards Guadalest.


a lovely place with stunning views all the way to a little known place called Benidorm, you can see all the high rise hotels from miles away.


What I must recommend to you though, is that when your wife says it might be colder up there, then take this handy advice !

A great place to while away a few hours.


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4 Responses to El Castell De Guadalest

  1. Steve Pullen says:

    Hi Ian, the images don’t appear to have been uploaded.

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  2. poddys says:

    Wow looks amazing up there. We have some lovely castles over here, but some of the Spanish, French or Italian ones are pretty spectacular.

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