Thursday 16th February

Today we caught the tram in to Alicante, it only cost 2.90 euros, so great value for money.  It only took 20 minutes and saved all the hassle of parking.

On arrival we had a walk around the city looking for the tourist information.  The signs in this city were not as good as in Valencia, in fact they were pretty much non existent. However after deciding on a stroll along the prom we more or less tripped over the place, then we were set with a city map and could plan our day.

Jane always finds that sight seeing is so much better after  a glass of wine, so I reluctantly joined her in a glass of vino blanco with lunch before setting of for the castle.


As you can see it was rather high up, so we took the easy option of using the lift !


The views were worth the “no” effort that we made!


To make ourselves feel a little better we walked down to the tram station


The view was just as lovely this side of the hill.


As it was the weekend Jane thought it might be a good idea to have a knight out on the town!


I just wanted to stay in and listen to the Archers!

One tip to remember – when returning by tram, and you check its going the right way, you also need to ensure that it stops at your particular station. We only found that out as we whizzed right past it and ended up half way to Benidorm!

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1 Response to Alicante

  1. poddys says:

    Great view, looks pleasantly warm too with blue skies and a blue sea. Actually got some blue skies appearing here this morning and it might get into the mid-teens next week.
    Just got back from Virgin. I asked about the price increases when it switches over to David Lloyd. Apparently they can’t increase them until contracts expire, so next January at the earliest. I think unless they do something for “seniors” or those who have retired, it might be too expensive for me. Will have to wait and see.
    Have a great weekend, enjoying the photos and reading about your travels. I’m not green, really 😉

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