Is this the way to Almería

img_2582Monday 20th February 

Today it’s time to move on to our next site Camping Roqetas, near Almería.

But first we need to get the van out of the tightest pitch I have ever stayed in, with the help of a lovely couple we met on site, Val and Howard Staniforth, we managed to get on our way.

El Jardin was a pleasant site with great access to a lovely  beach and cycle paths, however I was pleased to get out on to the open road.

We had phoned brother Gary up the day before to wish him a happy birthday, and when we mentioned our next destination, he started singing “is this the way to Almería”, his take on the Tony Chrisie/Peter Kay song, now every time we go past a road sign, that’s all we can think about !

The drive down was longer than anticipated, as it was VERY windy and whilst up in the hills,I was a little nervous.

The service stations always seemed to at the top of a very high hill, which only made the wind that much stronger, during one break, we pulled in to the empty lorry park, (the only place you can park with a caravan on tow) and a lorry with load of pigs pulled up right next to us, this made for an aromatic lunch break !

We arrived at Camping Roquetas at about 5 in the evening, and have got our selves set up in a much larger pitch, which was far easier to get on to.


The beach here is within easy walking, distance and although windy, a great place to have the cobwebs blown out !

Whilst driving out and about we stopped to admire the view, and I noticed an unusual number plate on a motorhome

img_2587I got talking to the guy, and he told us he had been on the road for 5 years, starting in Canada then on to North America, all around South America, across and around Australia.  He started off on a motorbike before deciding a motorhome was by far the most comfortable way to travel !

I thought we were being adventurous, however I can’t see Jane and I spending 7 days digging ourselves out of the Bolivian salt flats, as had happened to him !

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2 Responses to Is this the way to Almería

  1. poddys says:

    Wow that does look like cramped camping! Dread to think what it’s like in high season. Must be great to just take off for an unlimited amount of time and travel the world, but you need to be experienced and equipped to deal with anything life throws at you, especially when you hit the wilds and mountains. It’s one thing driving on the highways, but when the roads turn to dirt tracks (some of the main highways in New Zealand were like that when I was out there), it’s another thing.

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  2. Val Staniforth says:

    Glad you are on a nice pitch in Almería. We’re in Benicassim at the moment and it’s an even tighter pitch than El Jardin! We’re heading home tomorrow as it’s Carnival in Roses so we’ll be dancing in the street this weekend! It was lovely to meet you and we wish you all the very best on your travels.
    Howard & Val


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