A view from our campsite.

Camping Las Lomas is a great site, clean, tidy, lovely staff and stunning views in every direction.

The kind receptionist booked us tickets to visit the Alhambra on the following day, so as it was a bank holiday in this part of Spain we decided to set off early.  We were told that all we had to do was follow the signs, and you would have no problems.  So we set off, saw the first sign then the second sign, followed that but after about 10 minutes there seemed to be a distinct lack off directions…….. 45 minutes later, after having done several circuits of the centre of Granada, we managed to find ourselves at the junction we should have turned off at, only to see that a coach had parked right in front of the most important sign!!! Anyway, we found ourselves back on track with plenty of time to spare….what could go wrong now?

After struggling to get the tickets out of the automated machine, we presented them at the entrance only to find that they were dated for the following day! So instead we walked into Granada which is a lovely city with lots of little windy lanes that just begged to be explored.  There are also stunning views of the snow-capped mountains and the Alhambra at every  turn.  Unfortunately though, all the handbag shops were closed for lunch so we had to have a lovely meal alfresco (I’ve never had alfresco before and it was a little too salty for my liking!)


Whilst we were out, and on the recommendation of Wendy and Mike, we booked tickets to see a flamenco show that evening.


It was a highly entertaining, cultural experience and we were glad we went, although relieved that it only lasted an hour!


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2 Responses to Granada

  1. poddys says:

    Stunning views from the campsite, bit better than from a farmers field, unless you are in Devon or Cornwall. Always wanted to go to southern Spain. There is a singer from Andalucia whose music I fell in love with during my travels through Central America back in the late 80’s, Isabel Pantoja. I’m sure they still play her music down there.

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