Granada to Marbella

Friday 3rd March

Las Lomas is a fantastic site and we would love to return, but we must continue our journey, and now we are heading to the costa del sol and Marbella.

Cabopino is a site we checked out last November, when we popped over to see Charlotte, it is  well appointed, with reasonable sized pitches (however still needed the motor mover to avoid an awkwardly positioned cactus) and clean washing facilities.

This is a popular place with lots of the residents spending the majority of the winter here, and they were all very helpful with tips on best places to shop etc.

Saturday 4th March


Not quite what we expected !

The weather today was not great, as you can see, so as we’d  been busy the previous day we decided just to chill and read in the caravan, in the afternoon we had a walk down to the local beach, but is was so windy that we gave up after a short time !

Back at the van Jane choose the film, The Battle of the Bulge, for the rest of the afternoon’s entertainment.  She was most disappointed to find out that it was a war film and not tips on how to diet !

Sunday 5th March



Why is everything up hill ?

Malaga is a city that I have only visited briefly in the past, it has always been the airport where we have landed with other destinations in mind.


Lots to see !

However there is lots to see.  We visited another moorish castle on top of a very steep hill with great views over the whole city, and the great thing was that it was free after 2pm on Sundays.


Castle Gardens

The weather was overcast but still a lovely 20 degrees, and very pleasant for a lunch outside in a bustling square.


Lots of narrow streets to explore.

In Spain Sundays are kept as special, a day when most of the shops are shut, a day when all the family gets together You really do notice everyone sharing a relaxed time, and it’s great to see the different generations spending quality time together.


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3 Responses to Granada to Marbella

  1. Steve Pullen says:

    Really love this blog. It sounds as if you’re having a great time, visiting lots of interesting places etc. Good to see that the Spanish keep Sundays as a special family day – maybe the UK would be a better place if we followed suit? I’m working hard on the golf course – it should be in immaculate condition when you return.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. poddys says:

    Malaga looks like it’s well worth a visit as well. Those old Spanish cities always look more interesting than ours for some reason.


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