Marbella to Camping Pinar San Jose

Tuesday 7th March

We are now getting the hang of packing up camp and moving on to the next site, it’s like a well-oiled machine, and takes hardly any time at all.

We enjoyed our stay at Camping Cabopino, this is a large site with a lot of people staying over the winter, and within minutes of arriving we had met Frank, a near neighbour, who gave a low down on who was who, and gave us tips on the best place to get fresh bread etc.  He was a nice friendly chap and we were sorry to say good bye.

The road from Marbella to Gibraltar is quite busy and is difficult to get on to, especially with a caravan as most junctions don’t have a feed in lane, so imagine joining the M25 from a standing start, towing a caravan and you get the picture!

The journey itself was very picturesque, we choose the coast road rather than the motorway so that we could enjoy the views, and we weren’t disappointed.

There seems to be a great lack of sign posts over here, they appear right on the junction and don’t give you much warning, put this together with lack of lay-bys, and you find that occasionally you have to cross your legs for longer than you really want to!



Camping Pinar San Jose

We have found the best campsite so far, it’s in a small village called Zahora.


The surrounding  area is beautiful and very quiet, it is totally different from the last place, the tranquility is just amazing,  and we have both fallen in love with the place, so much so that we could see ourselves staying here for several months.


Again, there is a large, very friendly group of people who spend the winter here, I met one of the young ladies, Maureen, in reception whilst we were booking in, and in my shy, retiring way ended up dancing the foxtrot with her, much to the bemusement of the receptionist !

When we arrived at our pitch, Maureen and her gang were sat outside her bungalow having a glass of wine and we were invited to join them.

We were having a chat and a drink when Barbara arrived, a camper who has now bought a house nearby as she and her husband absolutely  love this place.  After joking and chatting with her for a while we were invited to a BBQ round their new house the following week.


Cape Trafalgar Light House.

The next day we went for a walk to the local beach and posted this picture on Facebook, saying we were looking at where the battle of Trafalgar had been fought. I received a quick response from Gary Stubbington, a longstanding friend from The Hampshire Club, asking where we were staying……..cutting a long story short, he and his wife Barbara have bought a house here because they absolutley love this place!


It’s a small world !


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  1. poddys says:

    I do love those scenic shots of empty beaches. It does look lovely down there, and the perfect time of year to visit as well. Amazing how many other Brits have made it their home.

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