DSC_6133Another lovely day at Camping Pinar San Jose.  I love the lush vegetation in this area, it really has that wonderful feel of Cornwall and Devon about it, only a little warmer!


The golden sands of the beaches, which just go on and on, the beautiful blue of the sea and the bright green of the trees, all go together to make this a truly magical place!


Sunset down at the beach.


Jo and Phil.

After a couple of days we were joined by some fellow travellers, Jo and Phil, who we had met in Granada.  They told us how lucky we were to leave the site when we did, as 3 hours after we left…….


…it started snowing, and the following morning our pitch was flooded.


Roy and Val relaxed at last !

Roy and Val arrived on site, and made a dramatic entrance!  I had mentioned to them that the previous motorhomers had parked parallel to the fence to make the most of the sun. I said this with the best intentions, however buried up to his axles in sand I thought they might lose their sense of humour !  After some frantic digging, the use of traction pads and a failed attempt by me to tow the vehicle free, the day was saved by another camper with a huge 4X4.


Still, everything looks better at the end of the day with a glass of wine and a chat!

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