Around and about Zahora

Camping Pinar San Jose

We really love this place, so much so that we have decided to stay here for a couple of weeks.  As we are here for a longer time I have decided to put up the awning and give us a bit more space.


Our new extension 

This is a great place to use as a base and  to travel out and explore the surrounding area.



We had a cultural day out to Bolonia to see the the roman ruins of Baelo Claudia.  We saw the remains of the forum, the temple,


the fish salting factory, and port.


A lovely place to visit, but maybe not on a Saturday  afternoon, it was a little bit difficult finding somewhere to park when trying to find a place for lunch.


A view of the site, not a bad place to live !


This is the lighthouse at Cape Trafalgar, which is just a brisk walk along the beach from our campsite, it was great to see the sun set in this stunning place.


This is the path to the beach at Barbate, which is the next big town south of Zahora.  This is a town that is definitely not a resort, it is a working town that just happens to have  a lovely beach, and it is great to see a normal Spanish seaside town and not a place set up for tourists !

IMG_2744 2

It’s a small world, I bumped into an old friend from the Hampshire club, Gary Stubbington.  He and his wife Barbara have bought a house a short distance away from our campsite, and they invited us to a BBQ where……..

IMG_2747 2

Jane turned out to be the star of the show, by getting up and singing with some of our fellow campers!

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  1. poddys says:

    Looks like home from home. I know what you mean about a town with a lovely beach that hasn’t been spoiled by being built up for tourists. Fewer of those left every year unfortunately.

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