Wednesday 15th March


A day trip to windy Cadiz

We wanted to see the city of Cadiz as our caravan is named after this Spanish city.

IMG_2659 2

It seems the longer we are on the road the harder it is to get going in the morning.  So instead of leaving early in the day we set of at nearly lunchtime.  As we were leaving we mentioned to Ron, a fellow camper, where we were going and he mentioned that they had eaten in La Flores, a restaurant that had been featured in the Rick Stein TV programme. So off we set with that as the main goal for the day.

The drive was really windy, and I was glad I wasn’t towing. An hour later we arrived in Cadiz, which is an easy city to drive around.  We were lucky and found a car park in the old part of town, right underneath the tourist information centre.

So after getting a city map we set off for the flower market and to find the restaurant .


We were pleased when we found it, that it was mainly locals having their lunch, and we were not disappointed when our meal of a selection of fried sea food arrived. Delicious!


We then had a wonder around the narrow streets to walk off the big lunch. Jane was pleased to find a Zara, so I was left outside to catch up on Facebook whilst she had a good old browse !


There is an old castle at the end of the peninsula, called Castillo San Sebastian, which is where we headed next.



The long causeway to the castle proved great at blowing any cobwebs out of system which might have been hanging around after lunch.


But although it was windy it was still lovely and bright and well worth all the effort.


Mind you, some of us found it more of an effort than others !


We saw an aircraft carrier in the distance.

We had a great time in this picturesque city and set off back to Zahora. Jane was pleased with herself as she had kept to her alcohol free day, then we met Jo and Phil and Roy and Val who twisted her arm and we all ended up in the bar…….and thats another story !

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2 Responses to Cadiz

  1. poddys says:

    Is Cadiz where Colombus sailed from? Looks stunning there along the waterfront. Wish we were in Spain right now, can’t wait for warmer weather to arrive here.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think it was. It was was a great place to explore, not too big but with a lot of charm


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