18th March


We went on a trip to Tarifa today and whilst looking for a parking space, the sat nav took us for a drive through the narrow streets of the town.


This town is also a Port, and if you want to get to Tangier on a super fast ferry this is the place for you.


Although quiet at this time of year, I expect at the height of the season this is a very busy place, judging by the amount of bars set amongst the windy back streets.


This causeway looking towards Tarifa is also where the Atlantic and Mediteranean meet.


Jane managed to get a good shot of me going full pelt, I have to say its not as easy as it looks and I might have to give it a miss next time!


There are miles and miles of golden sands which makes this place a haven for wind surfers and kite surfers. Today the Levante (the strong wind funnelling through the straights of Gibraltar, was particularly fierce, so much so that we found sand in every crevice of our bodies, not pleasant !


I’m not really a fan of graffiti, however on a bright sunny day some of the surfers’ efforts did add a little extra flavour to an otherwise dreary area of the beach.

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