Camping La Aldea-El Rocio

Monday 20th March


We were sorry to leave Camping Pinar San Jose, we had a great time there in lovely surroundings and met some really lovely people.




A fairly long and uneventful drive apart from a little congestion around Seville, some might call it a traffic jam however the locals refer to it as a marmalade!


We arrived on site at 4pm eager to set up and then explore. The only problem was that a helpful site worker put a couple of metal ramps down to help me get the van on the pitch.  These pinged up and broke the motor movers, we are waiting for a call back tomorrow from the caravan club to see if they can be fixed !!!

After counting to ten, biting my lip and managing not to swear, we decided a little trip to the local town would cheer us both up.


What a find, it’s like stepping on to the set of a western. There is no tarmac, just sand, there are hitching posts outside the houses, you half expect John Wayne to come out of a saloon shooting a colt 45 !


It was great to arrive as the sun was setting, as this made it a lot more photogenic.


A few cars in the coral…..Yeeha!




So as the sun sets on another day, it’s hard to complain about the things that go wrong when you have things like this to watch !

But if you put your mind to it you can……

No Sky tv


Wine not quite cold enough

Only 2 cubes of ice for my Bacardi……….

I know what you think, I’m just being churlish……. maybe I am….but poor WIFI …. come on!

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5 Responses to Camping La Aldea-El Rocio

  1. Louise Campbell Harding says:

    great photos!

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  2. poddys says:

    I remember the days when going abroad meant not being able to even call home, unless you wanted to pour a fiver’s worth of coins into a phone box and pray that if you actually managed to get through to the UK the line wasn’t too crackly and you could hear each other. Then a fiver lasted only about a minute. Photos of the holiday took weeks to develop as well, then invariably they came out crap! Now we pretty much expect decent internet everywhere we go, get video phone calls for free, and much more. Amazing how times change.

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  3. Roy says:

    Sorry to hear about the damage to caravan on pitching camp, honestly I did not put a pin in a voodoo doll……


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