The Algarve

24th March



Lagos was a small fishing village when I first visited some thirty years ago.  Although a lot larger now it has managed to maintain all the charm that I remember from the distant past.


You would have thought I would have remembered getting stuck all those years ago, whilst driving a mini through all those narrow lanes, but no, I attempted to take my car through these same little streets, and let me tell you, its definitely not any easier now!


The weather on the Algarve has not been the best, but when the sun does come out it really brightens the place up, the white washed walls really shine .

25th March

Jane is great at reading all the travel books and always finds things we would have otherwise missed.  One such place was Alvor, which has a boardwalk thats takes you out to a nature reserve and estuary.


Although windy, it was bright and we had a great 8 mile walk through the park.


So I think we were perfectly justified in having a leisurely lunch of locally caught fish.


The restaurant boasted great views to the left and to the right, I was lucky to get a lovely view straight ahead as well! ( Jane has just gone off to be sick !)


The beaches here are just stunning, its a great shame that it wasn’t hot enough for me to go in for a dip.


If only Jane had sewed up the hole in the elbow of my swimming costume I would have been in there like a shot!


Oh well there is always next time !

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  1. poddys says:

    Looks pretty amazing. My wife is the same, she always manages to find interesting places to visit or great places to stay. I am also good at getting lost and finding myself in narrow streets. Almost got stuck in Mallorca last year.

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