A Week in Lisbon


Those of you who know me well are aware of my aversion to driving over bridges, especially high suspension bridges, so imagine my joy when finding out that the above bridge was our route in to Lisbon !  To add insult to injury, I drove in to the wrong lane at the toll booth and got stuck on the bridge and had to get someone to cross six lanes of traffic to help us out!


We arrived at Lisboa Camping safely after only one more missed turning which added another 15 minutes to the journey!  But the journey was well worth it, what a stunning city.


There is so much to see and do, from riding the trams, taking a ride on an open top bus, a trip down the river on a boat, trying the tapas in a back street bar or a stroll alongside the river bank.



PART ONE……More tomorrow, when hopefully the WIFI will be better !

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4 Responses to A Week in Lisbon

  1. Marisa Pilich says:

    Looks absolutely beautiful! x

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  2. poddys says:

    So many places look amazing, you make me want to just up and follow in your footsteps.

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  3. Liz says:

    I can’t believe you were stuck on the bridge! I wouldn’t have even attempted that bridge!! Lots of credit to you for doing it!!!


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