Lisbon to Bilbao – on our way Home


Long drive, short blog.

600 miles in two days, the first half through Portugal, after getting out of Lisbon, was pleasant enough, just mile after mile of motorway.  We listened to Tony Robinson’s autobiography which made the journey pass a lot quicker.

We stopped at Salamanca for the night, this is another place that needs a return visit but with a ferry to catch we couldn’t spare the time to look around.


One of the many service stations along the way

Its very handy on a long journey to have your home behind you, very easy for coffee, food and the loo!


At last we have arrived, Jane has come up trumps again with her choice of campsite near Bilbao, this beach is just down the road.

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2 Responses to Lisbon to Bilbao – on our way Home

  1. poddys says:

    Seems like time has flown by. Can’t believe you are on your way home already.


  2. Me too, see you in the sauna on Sunday and I’ll tell you all about it !


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