San Sebastián


Wednesday 5th April

After the previous two days of solid driving I fancied a short drive to a small town, a light lunch, a little walk around then back to the caravan for a doze.

San Sebastian seemed like the ideal place and it didn’t look too far away.  What I hadn’t taken in to consideration was that it was the other side of a small mountain range, the Pyrenees I think they call them.

An hour and a half  and 55 miles later we arrived at the City of San Sebastián, a far larger place than we had thought.


Lots of car free streets


Wide sandy bays


Spectacular waves crashing on to the promenade, this place has lots to see, yet another city that we didn’t do justice to and again another visit required!


Why is it when you have had your tapas for lunch, you look through a window…………..


And see the place you should have chosen…….. well we will definitely have to come back now !

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1 Response to San Sebastián

  1. Wendy Pidgeon says:

    San Sebastian is lovely – definitely worth a longer visit another time. And….we’ve even eaten pintxo in that very bar!!


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