Braishfield and Beyond (Back on the blog)

We have a had great time at Dads during the last five weeks, but the time has come to hit the road again.

So time to catch up on what we have been doing.

We have made the best of our time at home, and have been able to watch spring explode into colour, we are so lucky to have such beautiful scenery right on our doorstep.




This bluebell wood is only 10 minutes from dad’s house, and we enjoyed a stunning walk around shortly after our return, and as it was a Monday we were almost on our own !


IMG_2907 2

And this was the view when we walked further through the woods.  We were on the ridgeway which led to Farley mount,


This is the view from the other side of the ridge.

Whilst back in the U.K we had to get all the boring jobs done, get the caravan serviced, see the doctors, top up the medication, visit the opticians and get new glasses


My nephew Sam liked my style so much that he got a pair


Maybe his are a little “cooler” not sure ?……… Just a little worried he might kill me for putting this picture on……. but couldn’t leave him out of the easter egg hunt, now could I ?


The annual easter egg hunt in dads garden went well with everyone eggcited at the start and eggsausted at the end !


Jaxon won the first prize by eggceeding eggspectations and leading the eggspedition around the garden in eggstream conditions, and not cracking under pressure !


We managed to catch up with lots of friends and family, its good to see that Sue has still got a healthy appetite, this dessert was after a large roast dinner ! (although she did take half of the pudding back for Bob)


It was great to play a few games of golf with my buddies Steve and John, and after one such occasion I had my arm twisted to visit the local cafe for a low calorie breakfast, I was only being sociable…..


Last weekend I met up with some old friends  at the Forest of Arden golf club who I hadn’t seen for years, the banter was great but the golf was a bit iffy to say the least !

When we return from our next trip,Jane and I are heading back to Birmingham to see if we can find any of the many balls that I lost !


Whilst I was away in Birmingham, Jane was having a wild time in Wales with her friends  Diana and Sharon……so much so, that I understand they had a picnic in a Tesco car park.

I played golf with dad and some of his golfing mates at Royal Winchester and although we put up a hard fight we still lost the £1 !


Jane and dad were often hard at work battling with the daily crossword it was great to see their great minds in action.


After a minor operation to have a small growth removed dad had a problem with the wound being able to stop bleeding, we all thought that the doctor was a little over the top with the bandaging !

Well thats a quick update , now to finish the packing for the trip to Croatia.


Just one more trip to the woods before we go !

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1 Response to Braishfield and Beyond (Back on the blog)

  1. poddys says:

    Time flies, off again so soon. I imagine you are a lot more prepared for the trip to Croatia, although I am sure there will be plenty of excitement with different languages, cultures etc.
    Looking forward to some splendid scenery, and tales of great food and drink.
    Drive carefully and have fun.

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