A Trip down the Rhine


K&V suggested a trip down the Rhine and lunch in a little town called Boppard.


The trip down the river took us past the famous Lorelei rock, it just looked like a rock to me but apparently legend has it that a mermaid used to lure sailors to their deaths as they navigated the tight bends of the Rhine at this point.


This is the said Mermaid, which looks a bit phallic from a distance !


Once we arrived at Boppard Jane and Val were keen to do a bit of shopping……..


Although I thought this seemed more interesting, and you could book the rooms by the hour !


A great spot to eat, a lovely home-cooked meal  and  bottle of the local Riesling made for a very pleasant lunch. I have to say that German portions are ideal for me, just the right size, and as Jane can’t eat all of hers I get to try a bit of hers as well !


Boppard was a great place to visit and we were spoilt with the great weather, so even though we had a big meal ,Jane suggested we had an ice-cream and we all agreed !


A bit of crafty cropping of the photograph and you can’t see our stomachs, although you might catch the merest suspicion of mine! (Not a pretty sight)


The trip back through the valley in the sunshine gave us a great opportunity to admire the many castles perched up high on the surrounding hills.


Back to Oberwesel.


Just in time for tea !  ( actually that was yesterdays tea, but I liked the photo.)



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