Heidelberg in the rain

Friday 19th May

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We are now staying at camping park Eberbach on the bank of the river Neckar, we have a lovely pitch right on the waters edge, where we can watch all the strenuous activity that is taking part.  Just watching it is exhausting!


A very peaceful place.


Mind you there is a young family next door

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and the dad makes a bit of a noise when he attacks his reflection on a car !

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So to get a bit of peace and quiet , we took a drive along the river to the university town of Heidelberg .

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As soon as we got there it rained

IMG_0131 2

and rained, so the only thing to do at times like this , is to have a coffee and apple strudel, which was lovely.

EB037166-EA54-4BAC-83DB-A570C67F72A7 2

Janes only comment was that the cafes toilet rolls holders were funny, I’m not sure what she meant .

867D3366-55A5-4091-8708-D322918AC1CC 2

So we decided to leave this wet place and headed to Lidl and Aldi for some provisions, Jane was excited to visit these supermarkets in their home country !

As it was raining and whilst Jane was reading, I decided to watch a film, my choice of “The Dambusters” was considered in poor taste .


Saturday 20th May

Saturday morning , its our wedding anniversary , and the sun is shinning again.

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1 Response to Heidelberg in the rain

  1. Tony Payne says:

    Nice to be able to camp right on the river and in town too. Unlikely you would find a spot like that over here. Looks lovely there. Happy Anniversary to you both.

    Liked by 1 person

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