From Heidelberg to Chieming via Ausberg


Mosbach in Baden

I  don’t know why I started with this picture but it amused me.  This poor chap’s job was to get the water from the river, go to a high spot in the town and wash away all the human waste.  It wasn’t a job that took too much thought and he found himself  just going  through the motions !


On Saturday 20th May we took a drive along the Neckar valley, it was very picturesque and although the sun wasn’t shining all the time it was a lovely way to spend our wedding anniversary.



Jane found this little village perched on a hill looking down the valley


Dilsberg was a charming place and very quiet.


Apart from a wedding going on


And a bunch of noisy kids !


We returned to the campsite, and as the sun was out we decided to crack open a bottle of wine……


Until the sun went down and the wine was finished.


We had an early start on Sunday as we had a couple of days of short drives before we get to  Cheiming where we are going to spend three nights.

The route Kevin picked for us was called  ” The Romantic Road” and it was just our luck to get stuck behind a bloody caravan !

It is called the “Romantic Road” as there are so many stunning little villages along the route, however when you are towing it’s best to take the bypass and not cause chaos by going through the middle of these places. Another place we need to add to the list of places to revisit.


Our transit stop was at a place near Ausberg, not a great site but it served a purpose, not too far off route, and with water and electric. After dinner, we had a stroll around the nearby lake and it was great to stretch our legs just as the sun was going down.


22nd May, My birthday !

Another early start so we can get to Lake Cheiming then have lunch and maybe a glass of wine, so after opening all my cards (thankyou everyone) off we set.


We arrived in good time at another well chosen site ( thank you Kevin )


With enough time to get a chilled glass of the local wine and a ham roll


We also managed to get some homemade cakes for after my birthday tea.


Not that I’m obsessed with food, but I do enjoy a good steak !

What a lovely place, and with great company it made for a special birthday .

Off to Salzburg tomorrow.

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1 Response to From Heidelberg to Chieming via Ausberg

  1. Tony Payne says:

    Happy belated birthday and anniversary too. If you wondered about my absence, we just got back from Monaco last night after a brilliant week on the French Riviera. Looks like you are having an excellent adventure too in Germany and Austria. Will catch up later in the week.

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