Salzburg on a Sunny Day


Tuesday 23rd May

A trip to the home of the “Sound of Music” today


All the actors looked a bit wooden to me, I wanted to get into the spirit of the trip and wear my Julie Andrews nun’s costume, but Jane didn’t want me to get into any bad habits!


So I just adopted a classical pose, and waited for an opportunity to be in front of the camera.


We got there early,  and had breakfast overlooking the city, so you could say, the hills were alive with the sound of muesli !

(I’m feeling quite sick whilst reading this through….Ed(Aka Jane))


We chose the higher walk into the city from the car park, which gave us a bird’s eye view of the places to visit.


Jane found the main shopping street straight away, however she didn’t think the lederhosen suited me, so we came back without a purchase!


The main park in the city was a Mirabell Palace, not all the flowers were out but they still looked stunning, in a few weeks time they will be looking fantastic !


Lovely fountains are peppered around Salzburg…..


The breeze wafted the odd drop of water on us, which was very welcome on such a hot day !


The sun shone on all these padlocks


It made this bridge a Key place to visit !


After a lovely day in Salzburg, a relaxing stroll along the river back to the car.

P1100305 2

Meanwhile back at the campsite the skies are looking a bit dodgy !

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1 Response to Salzburg on a Sunny Day

  1. Tony Payne says:

    Looks lovely there. I still have a soft spot for The Sound Of Music. The jokes are getting more corny each day 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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