Germany, Austria and Slovenia

Thursday 25th May


We had an early start today as we had a long drive from Germany through Austria to Lake Bled in Slovenia.


You need a vignette (like a mini tax disc) to be able to drive in Austria, which we purchased at the border.


We stopped half way, for a cheese roll and a cup of coffee, and also the driver needed a 10 minute doze !


We arrived at Lake Bled at about 3pm, looks like not a bad place.


K&V had arrived an hour earlier, and had set about sorting out the priorities – a beer and a good book !


After setting up camp, we took a little stroll before preparing the evening meal.


Although looking at this photo, it looks like I don’t need any tea.

Its just a trick of the light!!!


It looks like we have got a full day tomorrow, we hope to walk all the way around the lake.



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One Response to Germany, Austria and Slovenia

  1. Tony Payne says:

    Europe has such stunning scenery. Mind you I can’t complain having just returned from a week on the French Riviera, except it’s now back to work and the same old routine.

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