Lake Bled to Plitvice Lakes


Saturday 27th May

Leaving Slovenia for Croatia, only a short queue at passport control but it still took 20 minutes to get through !


Once across the border the roads were remarkably quiet, and if we had turned right instead of left, we would have made very good time ! By the time we had figured out that our comedy SAT-NAV had taken us astray we had driven about an hour !

We asked the guy on the toll booth for directions, and he answered in perfect English and gave us a lovely route off the motorway and through the mountains.


We arrived at the campsite a lot later than planned to find K&V, who had left 2 hours after us, all set up and drinking a cool beer.


Sunday 28th May


Words fail me, this is right up there with my favourite places in the world !  Check out the waterfalls in the photo below……..


This is a national park with many laid out trails


It was a Sunday, and in hindsight we should have waited to visit until Monday as it was very busy!


We walked for 6 hours, and around every corner was another sight to take your breath away.


There comes a time when you run out of superlatives!


As with Lake Bled, the colours don’t look real!


I wish we could have had a swim in the crystal-clear water (which is apparently so pure that it’s drinkable), it would certainly have been refreshing.


This place is so beautiful……


I think we might have to come back to this place………


Maybe tomorrow ?


and I’ll bring my big camera, and hopefully get some better shots !

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3 Responses to Lake Bled to Plitvice Lakes

  1. Steve Pullen says:

    Sounds like you’re having a great time but lots of driving. Are you intending to stay anywhere for at least a week to recharge your batteries? How much of Austria did you see on your way to Slovenia? Did you get up into the mountains? Looking forward to the next instalment of your blog. PS – Hockley is looking wonderful after the rain and warm sun.

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    • Sorry for the delay in replying, the internet is very hit and miss at the campsites
      We are near split at the moment, and will be here for about 9 nights, this is a great site and we are only 10 paces from the sea!
      (I’ll be in there in a minute!)
      We spent a day in Salzburg but didn’t get up in the mountains this trip,we will have to return.
      There are 2 places which if you haven’t already been to, you MUST visit, Lake Bled in Slovenia and Plitvice Lakes in Croatia, both stunning!!!!
      Glad to hear Hockley is looking good, I’m missing the golf, but I’m managing to find other things to amuse me


  2. Tony Payne says:

    Wow! Just wow! Must add the lakes to my bucket list.

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