Plitvice Lakes with the big camera


We loved the walk around the lakes so much, that we thought we would spend another day in this bit of paradise


There are many trails in the park, so you can get to see the lakes from a different perspective with every turn.


Our second visit was on a Monday, which made it far easier to get around, and to be able to get the photos you wanted without causing a major traffic jam!


The sun was shining and I was amazed that you could see to the bottom of the lakes from on high !


I’m not sure if Jane was humouring me by not moaning every time I stopped to take a picture, or if she was just glad of the rest!


She even took one of me.


It was exciting to turn every corner……….


As you didn’t quite know what you were going to find


But we were never disappointed



From every angle, another stunning photo opportunity !


On a hot day, being around all these waterfalls was very refreshing


I don’t think the wooden walkways would pass the  health and safety test back in the U.K though!


In the cool of the trees you could watch the water cascade down to the turquoise lake below


I know there are lots of photos but it is very hard to convey what a truly magical place this is!!!

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2 Responses to Plitvice Lakes with the big camera

  1. Tony Payne says:

    Even more WOW! The only place with waterfalls I have seen to come close to this is Iguassu on the border of Brazil and Argentina (featured in the movie The Mission). Will definitely have to plan an expedition out that way.


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