Plitvice Lakes to Split


Val is not quite sure if Kev has got the hang of the BBQ !

The campsite at Plitvice Lakes was lovely, the swimming pool and surrounding area was brand new, it was great after a long walk around the lake to dive into the cool water !


Jane and Val question Kev’s carefully planned route to Split !


The route that Kev had planned avoided the motorways.  This made for a great drive with hardly any cars on the road.  When we stopped for a coffee the silence was deafening, all you could hear were the birds singing their hearts out!


And when you did feel the need to stop by the side of the road and count the bees collecting pollen on a particular bush, there was no one about to bother you !


Whilst counting the bees, there are always opportunities to take another photo!


My navigator took the time to capture the scenary along the journey.


This particular lake was at least 10 miles long, and the lack of any commercialism was refreshing, no gift shops, cafes etc, although somewhere to park and admire the view would have been handy!


The last leg of the journey was a steep and windy descent into Split.  This new road featured a lot of new tunnels and quite a few big bridges (if you like that kind of thing!)


The next day after a bit of shopping and a lot of chilling we had a BBQ and a couple of glasses of wine !


A game of upwords, Kev won again, narrowly beating Jane!


Before bed I tried to capture some of the lights across the bay.

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3 Responses to Plitvice Lakes to Split

  1. Tony Payne says:

    Certainly looks lovely and peaceful there. Nice to be away from the crowds and their noise and tuned into the sounds of nature.


  2. Julian Boyers says:

    Hi Ian, caught up at last. Trogir is a must go to for a good walk around ,coffee, lunch.
    Cross the far bridge and spend a day on the great, pebbly beach( take rubber beach shoes) at
    Okrug Gornij…..plenty of facilities. Near the tiny harbour there is a really good restaurant Leonardos…sells everything, good prices!!
    Have a lovely time ……I loved Croatia, wish I was there now!!
    Regards to Jane,


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