Camping Split

We are now all set up at Camping Split. We are staying here for 9 nights, giving us time to recover from all the arduous, cultural site-seeing!


Early in the Morning

We intend to have a short beach break to recharge the batteries, although we do have to expend considerable energy to walk the 20 or so paces to the sea, but I suppose you have to put up with these minor inconveniences!


Early in the Evening

The campsite is great, although on first appearances it looked like you were entering a supermarket car park! However once you pass the entrance the whole site opens up to reveal some lovely shady, spacious pitches with very easy access to the beach.


After a couple of days on and around the beach we took a trip along the coast to the town of Omis.


A couple of friends (Wynne and Julie) had recommended that we visit Omis and take a boat trip through the gorge. It was a hot day and the breeze as the boat cruised up the river was very welcome.


Kevin negotiated a good deal , so much so that at the half way stop I could afford a plate of chips to keep me going.


Another great way to cool down!


On the way back Kev led the singing of “what shall we do with a drunken sailor”


Back to Omis.


That evening we walked around the corner from the campsite for a meal.  We all had a huge great meal and plenty of wine and beer and it came to less than 15.GBP per head, great value.


Yesterday we took a short drive to the nearby port of Split. This is a base for a lot of small gullet cruises, and being a changeover Saturday the place was heaving.


The army was out in force to ensure safety!


The narrow streets have been used in the filming of “Game of Thrones” but not whilst we were there!


It was definitely a lot cooler walking in the narrow lanes………….


than walking along the Harbour side…….


But it was great to see so much going on and everyone having fun……..


Even that can be exhausting !


So time to split from this place and head back to the beach!  Corny I know , but you do expect that from me !!!


On our return we found Kev trying to work out the cheapest way over to the nearby island, I thought it might be a good idea but Val and Jane were not so sure!!!


This is my view this Sunday morning as I compile this latest edition of the blog, not bad !!

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3 Responses to Camping Split

  1. Tony Payne says:

    I can’t believe the amazing locations you have found to stop at. The meal you had was definitely a lot cheaper than we found in Monaco. We couldn’t find much under 25 Euros for a main course, so the week worked out expensive on food, but well worth it.


  2. Nigel Millett says:

    I’m enjoying your blog Ian, even the wonderful puns…….. ;-]. We’re off on a road trip to Provence in a couple of weeks time. Not as long as yours, just 18 days. We can’t wait!

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