Kris Castle – Game of Thrones


Tuesday 6th June

In the cool of the evening we decided to visit Kris Castle which has been used as a location for the filming of  “Game of Thrones”.  After a rather eventful journey (we decided to let the SAT-NAV take us the scenic route) and ending up in someone’s driveway, we made it!


The setting is superb, with views over the City of Split,



Although I have watched the series, I’m not that involved that I can remember every scene and I’m told that the above shot (with a bit of CGI) was used in one episode.



On the bottom right of this photo you can see the motorway, but with a bit of clever work behind the scenes on the top photo it has disappeared!


As I’ve said it was great to visit during the cool of the day,


Rather than when there is a big parade going on !

DSC_7504The guide told us they would be back next month for filming, so Kev asked for an impromptu audition.


As did Jane and Val……


The resemblances are remarkable


It’s only the sun glasses that give it away !


I thought it was rather unkind, that they all thought I was a dead ringer for the guy on the right, stomach maybe but not the hair !


We were the last people out when the place closed at 7pm


The drive back to the campsite showed us an interesting left turn………..or is it just my memory of the Game of Thrones T.V. programme (O.K I admit to a little photoshopping for a cheap laugh !)


Back at the site, the setting sun was reflecting on the white buildings across the bay, great end to a great day !

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1 Response to Kris Castle – Game of Thrones

  1. Tony Payne says:

    Got to love the way sat-nav’s want to take you the wrong way, especially in a foreign land. Looks like you are having an amazing time out there. Still got to watch Game of Thrones. One of these days, it’s on the list… They also did some filming in Girona (just north of Barcelona), well worth a visit as well.

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