Saturday 10th June

Today K&V are going ahead to the next site in Zadar.  Jane and I are going back down the coast to Marina where we are going to meet Steve and Sara for lunch. They are flying in to start a weeks sailing holiday with some friends and we were looking forward to catching up .


The drive back down the coast lived up to all Kevin’s praises and exceeded them.


It was great to catch up with Steve and Sara, and to meet their friends “big” Karen and Richard.  “Big Karen” is so named,  as I understand, to differentiate her from the other Karen, “wee Karen”.  As you can see we had a tasty meal and several bottles of wine and the bill came to less than 9.00GBP per person !  I’m not sure if Karen’s hearing was impaired by the amount of wine she drank, but she did look surprised when she heard I was reading about Harry Potter and the LAPD, it was in fact, Harry Bosch the detective, and the Los Angeles Police Department!


Jane made a new friend at the restaurant, this little kitten looked pleadingly up at her for some attention……….and got it from about half the customers !


We left them to go to their sailing briefing. And we set off to do bit of shopping, I got a new hat (to stop my ears getting burnt) and Jane bought a bikini !  That photo has been sensored !

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1 Response to Marina

  1. Tony Payne says:

    Everywhere there just looks so beautiful. 9 quid per head including drinks is a good find. A few weeks ago in the South of France it was hard to find a main course for under 20 Euros!


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