Monday 12th June

We left our trip in to Zadar until later in the day as the temperature was well over 30 degrees.  This gave me time to catch up on my blog, and to edit my photos, and attend to all the other domestic duties, washing the sheets etc.


This lovely walled port was a short picturesque drive from the campsite, past many small bays and stony beaches.


The city is well known for its Roman and Venetian ruins in the old town. Many have been beautifully cleaned……


Some great buildings are still in need of some loving attention!


The communist era buildings stand out like a sore thumb in this otherwise stunning location.


The ancient Roman and Venetian gates stilll remain as the main ways into the walled city, and we stood and watched as a lorry stopped, pulled in its mirrors and squeezed through this gap with millimeters to spare!


The walk along the front was beautiful and you could see the surrounding islands in the distance.


One of the main reasons for visiting Zadar, apart from the beauty and history was that Jane had read about a massive organ located on the water’s edge ! 

This turned out to be the “Sea Organ” that created sounds by the waves crashing against the side of the quay.  It was very pleasant to sit on the steps in the sunshine and listen to the weird music emanating from below, it was amazing the change in tone and volume after the wash from a passing boat hit the side.


Whilst sat on the steps drinking in the atmosphere, I couldn’t help but notice this guys moustache, what a beauty, I’m sure it even beats my Uncle Malcolm’s!

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1 Response to Zadar

  1. Tony Payne says:

    The cathedral rather reminds me of the one in Girona in Spain, very high and impressive. Great views.


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