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Friday 16th June

After a busy morning catching up with the blog, doing the washing and catching up on a few household chores we set off to explore the island of Krk.


From what we saw of the island, we found it delightful.  Full of narrow lanes leading to small coves and bays.


And when you found these little bays there was hardly anyone there.


The hill top towns were equally charming, with streets too narrow for cars.  The peace and quiet was lovely.


The little shaded alleyways were great to keep out the midday sun.


And sitting in the shade of a tree in a crowded square was a perfect place to catch your breath and take in a little refreshment.


Sometimes taking the coast road can lead to a few surprises, this track gave me a little cause for concern as the car only just fitted, I could tell Jane was worried as she went quiet (a blessing in disguise!)


As some of you know I have a slight worry about driving over big bridges, so I thought I would come down for another look at this huge double span effort, and torture myself a little more.  I have got to drive back over that on Sunday morning.


Mind you the drive down to take the photos wasn’t great as I was on the outside and there weren’t any crash barriers.


After a good old drive around it was time to stock up on groceries.  I thought this supermarket had a great idea with having a bar in the corner, its like having a crèche for husbands !


In the evening I barbecued what I can assure you was a pork fillet and stir fry vegetables.


And Val prepared the dessert, BBQ peaches with snickers ice cream, and as you can see   Jane really enjoyed  it !

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4 Responses to KRK

  1. Julian Boyers says:

    Hi Ian, you look as if you,re enjoying yourselves and having a good time.
    i see that you have headed north from the Split area, think Pula and Rovinj worth a look at
    but you perhaps won,t go in that direction.
    Drive safely,

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  2. Tony Payne says:

    I’m not too good over bridges either, especially high ones. That one looks ok, but really narrow. Still, sometimes you have to suck it up if you want to enjoy the sights.

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