KRK and then to Italy

Saturday 17th June


Our last day on KRK so a trip to the other side of the island was the order of the day ! This area had a lot of narrow steep roads, with stunning views, or so Jane said.  I was looking at the road !


These little towns that you come across on a drive like this always have something special to offer, in this case it was the Croatian version of a Cornish pastie, and I’m always up to trying another cultural experience !


You can always tell an Englishman abroad by the stylish hats they wear, Jane says I look like Freddy “parrot face” Davies  (the youngsters will have to google him) but Kevin has heard people saying, “was that George Clooney?” and that seems more likely !


Back to the main town of KRK to continue Jane’s quest for a caramel ice cream.  After an hours walk around all the kiosks in town we struck lucky and from then after every other shop sold this particular flavour…….if only we had walked clockwise !!!!


I can’t understand why Jane gets embarrassed when I indulge in the local custom of squeezing the washerwoman’s breasts, but at least this time it was a statue !


Sunday 18th June

Time to drive over that bridge again !


Out of Croatia……


through Slovenia……


to a lovely……


shady campsite in Italy.

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2 Responses to KRK and then to Italy

  1. Tony Payne says:

    I assume Italy is on the way home, or still plenty of exploring to do on this trip? Make sure you don’t bring any unexpected human baggage home… Ventmiglia on the Italian/French border is full of migrants.
    “Ah thay, ah thay, whatever happened to Freddie Parrot Face Davies?” I used to find him really funny, but I was quite young at the time…

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