Venice to Lake Garda to Turin to France !

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Tuesday 20th June……on the way back from Venice

When you look at this picture of K&V, and then look at the picture of me below, its hard to believe that we have both been on the same sightseeing trip to Venice.


I put this down to the fact that K&V are more used to hotter climates.  Kevin has led an expedition to the Amazon, whilst Val has led many trips to Carrefour!

Wednesday 21st June

Time to head to Lake Garda.


The drive from beautiful Venice to beautiful Lake Garda, was far from scenic.   We avoided the motorways as they were expensive, and ended up driving through one industrial estate after another.  Mind you we did see some interesting shops along the way!  Not sure what they sold here, and Jane wouldn’t let me go in to find out !


We arrived at Camping Zocco on Lake Garda at mid-afternoon and managed to find a couple of pitches amongst the olive trees.


The site had a great swimming pool and also access to the lake.  I had a swim every morning in the lake and spent most of the afternoon around the pool.


The extreme temperatures that we were experiencing even surprised the Italians, I think it got to 37 degrees one day!  It was too hot to do much sightseeing; this would have to be left until the relative cool of the evening. Still, on the upside we got to see Jane wear a bikini for the first time in many years and I got to read an awful lot of my book.


One of our evening trips out was to Sirmione, which was a lovely little walled town with more ice-cream shops than I have ever seen before.


Jane took her time deliberating over which of the many flavours to choose.  It was hard work trying to eat an ice-cream in the 30 degree heat, as it was melting so quickly, but we managed admirably, with as Jane pointed out only a little mess on my shirt !


We have seen some great sunsets this trip, but I think eating real Italian gelato by the lake will count as among the best.


It’s interesting to see how some people commute to work.


Saturday 24th June

We couldn’t leave the lake without having a little look around, so on the Saturday morning we took a little trip to Salo, and as it was only 29 degrees it was bearable.


By the time we had walked along the promenade, and met this family who were out for the day, the temperature had risen to 34 degrees. So back to the pool was the best idea.


The only thing that Jane didn’t like about this site was you had to take your own paper to the loo, and in this heat it was difficult to be discreet !

Sunday 25th June


Packing up in a thunderstorm the next morning was surprisingly pleasant, although at times the volume of water was slightly too much, and we had to take shelter in the van until it slowed a bit.


We started the long drive to Lépin-le-Lac, so with  300 miles to do we decided to split the journey in two and stop just over half way, past Turin.  We found a lovely pitch in the shade,  at a nice quiet site,  ideal for a nights stop over.

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The next day we set off on the last leg of this part of the trip. We were heading towards Camping Le Curtelet at Lac d’Aiguebelette where we intend to have a two week break from all the exertions that we have been putting ourselves through, before the drive home!!!!

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But first we have to cross the Alps……

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… which is both exciting and expensive.  58 euros(!) to drive through the Fréjus road tunnel, which connect Italy to France and is 8 miles long.

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1 Response to Venice to Lake Garda to Turin to France !

  1. Tony Payne says:

    It got to 31 here last week, that was hot enough! 37 is too hot, even if you do get a breeze from the lake. I used to work in the garden when I lived in Florida in 35 degrees and high humidity. I don’t think there is a deodorant that works under those conditions, and a sweat band, although it looked silly, was a necessity to stop the sweat from dripping into your eyes and making them sting.
    Have a good rest before you come home. It’s raining here now, started today. Supposed to have a few days of rain and about 20C, and we do need both the cooler days and the rainfall.

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