The Lake


Tuesday 27th June

This was our first full day at the lake, and after a couple of days of longish drives, I was looking forward to a restful day.


We met up with Steve and Josie, they had arrived on Saturday and were already looking pretty chilled.


We all gathered to chat and put the world to rights……..


…….and they all agreed with Jane that my hair was getting too long…….


……..and Val was elected to resolve the issue, much to Steve’s amusement!……


…….the new streamlined look!  Ideal for swimming – I managed to shave 30 seconds off the cross-lake swim!!!


Meanwhile, Val, exhausted from her haircutting, called for Kevin to bring her the inflatable pillow!


So, after an extremely taxing day, we settled down to a bit of tea and a little light refreshment.

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3 Responses to The Lake

  1. Tony Payne says:

    The lake looks really refreshing. There is nothing quite like swimming in a lake or the ocean is there. Looks quite relaxed there too, plenty of space to breath, and great scenery.

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