Mooching About Around the Lake


A View of Lac d’Aiguebelette from the Col de l’Epine



The bad weather that we had earlier in the week subsided and Charlotte was able to enjoy the lake at its best.


When the weather is like this its great to just sit around and chill, reading a book, sun bathing, writing a blog or chatting to your mum!


And after a hard days mooching, there is nothing better than a lovely meal and nice wine with great friends .


We took Charlotte for a quick trip around the lake to check out a few different views, but as it was so hot we returned to the campsite for a bit more mooching!  We were up early the next morning to get to Lyon airport for Charlotte’s return trip to reality, but lucky old us, we have still got 2 more weeks before we have to return!


Steve and Josie only had one more day left before they had the long drive back home. They decided on an action packed day, starting with a canoe ride around the lake……….


…….after which they gave up on that idea, and settled for a bit more gentle lazing about!


Time for Steve to pack up, and he was exhausted, poor thing, what with that, and all the mooching!


All good things must come to an end, time for Steve and Josie to head north. Steve was a little upset as he had planned to leave at 8am, but after a slight problem with the jockey wheel they didn’t get on the road until 8.02am! I was particularly sad to see them go, as Josie always laughed at my jokes!


Time for Jane and I to have a trip in the canoe, so after a few helpful tips from Jane we got on our way.


After all that exertion I needed a nice low calorie lunch to keep me going….. the pie was lovely !


There is a young girl here, who after about a week has got the swans eating out of here hands, she is far braver than me !


Friday 7th July

We had a drive over the mountains to Aix-les-Bains, not a particularly inspiring town, however the drive was lovely and the picnic spot was lovely and cool !


On the way home Kev surprised us with a trip to a vineyard for a wine tasting…….


……Val was delighted, she wished she had the glass behind her on the barrel, as she said it was just like the one she uses at home !


As we were leaving the tasting we noticed a T-shirt that Steve had left behind, but with all the wine that Val had bought there wasn’t enough room in the car to bring it back !  (Actually the t-shirt is there because the Tour de France will be travelling through here on Sunday.)


Saturday 8th July

One more day of mooching left before we have to start our journey home.  A couple of the birds that Kev had been chatting up came over to say farewell !

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1 Response to Mooching About Around the Lake

  1. Tony Payne says:

    Sure is an amazing spot you found there. Not so sure I want to get that close to swans though. Nice to look at, but not good to have next to you if they are in a bad mood.

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