A Slow Drive Back Through France


Sunday 9th July

After a lovely two weeks around the lake, it’s time to start the return journey up through France.  No lorries are allowed on French roads on a Sunday (with a few exceptions) and this makes it ideal for us to travel.


So far this trip we have stayed at 18 campsites, so we are getting to be quite expert in setting up camp and packing away. Each campsite has its own little quirks that you have to get used to, and that adds to the fun………..although finding out that a particular site doesn’t supply the toilet paper can’t necessarily be included in that category!



Our first stop on way back home, was at a little site in the hamlet of Cromary on the banks of the Ognon river, just north of Besançon.  The weather was a little overcast, however that didn’t spoil our enjoyment of this place.  We walked from the site for 5 miles and only came across 3 cars!  The tranquility of rural France is amazing, and we both love it!  Next year we plan to spend even longer in France. We intend to take our bikes and spend longer in one place and thoroughly  explore it.


Whilst out exploring the local area you often find the locals causing a traffic jam !


Even on a dull day a drive out can bring you to stunning little villages such as Lods


Dodging the showers……


…….is worth it, as no-one else is about………


…….and then you get rewarded when the sun does come out, as you have all this to yourself !

Thursday 13th July


Getting a bit cocky now, doing some shopping en route, and taking the caravan in to the supermarket.  As you can see I did take up quite a few spaces!


We are now in Liverdun,  a small walled town on the banks of the Moselle. The campsite is lovely and is managed by a very friendly chap who praised Jane her on her wonderful french accent and this made her day!  He was not so complementary about Kevin however and had misunderstood him and booked him in for 3 weeks instead of 3 days !


We were told of a small firework display put on by the local town, and it was only 10 minutes walk away.  Well what a fantastic display! It was 20 minute long and it was FREE!


This is a very helpful campsite, it even gives you helpful hints on the best way to have a pee!  (Note from the editor, this was only in the men’s loo!!)


Mind you with the exception of the kid with the tin whistle its a great place!

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