The Journey Back Home

14th July



Liverdun was our penultimate campsite. This was a lovely site on the banks of the river Moselle, the sun was shining and we had a very pleasant walk alongside the riverbank, it never ceases to amaze me that theses charming places are so quiet !


Then after an exhausting stroll it was time to catch up on the reading.  We were here on the 14th of July which is Bastille day and the French celebrate this day in some style.  We went to a firework display, and for  small town they put on a terrific show !


And it was free !


Sunday 16th July

After a very pleasant stop at Liverdun it was time for the last long drive of the trip, 300 miles back to Calais. We chose the Sunday, as no lorries are allowed on the roads on the sabbath and this makes for a nicer, quieter drive, more time to chill whilst listening to more Desert Island Discs.

IMG_3317 2

A trouble-free drive through France, Luxembourg, Belgium and back into France again saw us arrive at Grand-Fort-Philippe, the last campsite of this leg of our trip.

IMG_3321 2

After setting up camp, Jane and I took a little stroll to the beach……

IMG_3318 2

A gentle breeze helped wake me up after the long drive.


This site is close to Dunkirk, and when you see how far the sea goes out, you can only imagine the horrors that the British Expeditonery Force went through during the evacuation.


On the ferry back to Dover, after her full english breakfast, Val tried a taste of a new blend of whisky.  After many returns to the sampling table, Kevin and Val were asked to pose for a photo to be used in a national advertising campaign ( I might be stretching the truth there!)


The last photo of us all together on this trip before Kevin and Val head back to Dorset and we set off on our way back to Romsey…


Back at Dads, the caravan has been cleaned inside and out, ready for the next trip…………..Wales look out, we are on our way on the 5th of July, time to explore more of the U.K.


This is the map of our trip,

7 Countries,

66 Days,

19 Campsites,

4000 miles ( Kevin only did 3678miles as he is a better map reader!)

4 Great friends having one terrific holiday!


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  1. Andrea says:

    Love reading your adventures ! And the bear behind gags are awesome

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