Back at Dads


The caravan has now been cleaned inside and washed and polished outside. It has also been serviced after our 4,000 mile journey to Croatia, and all the little niggles put right.


We have spent a lot of time catching up with family and friends,  we are very fortunate to have lots of both and we haven’t been able to see everyone this time around. Kevin and Maggie cooked us breakfast on the beach at Poole early on a Saturday morning. It was all very tasty and we were both amazed how much equipment they can carry in their cycle  panniers! However we weren’t surprised that Kevin hadn’t lost his shy and retiring personality !!!


We had an early start leaving Braisfield at 7am, as did Kevin and Maggie, who cycled from Mudiford. But it was well worth it, as 8am on a Saturday morning in July and the beach was empty, however there were a couple of people having an early swim before the crowds arrived.


It was lovely to catch up with most of my nieces and nephews, Zena was so happy to see us again she said she would bend over backwards to please us……and she did!


Whilst back at Dads we used the time to catch up with all the important jobs such as seeing the dentist, refilling our prescriptions, opening the mail, paying some bills  and getting our hair done…..hope you like my new style!  We did also make time to enjoy some of the beauty that Hampshire has to offer, the photo above was taken along the Itchen Navigation not far from Hockley golf club.


After 3 weeks at Dads we set off to northern Wales to enjoy the best of a British summer, however the weather on the journey up there didn’t look too promising…….


We are told that when it stops raining and the mist lifts we will have a great view of the hill tops !………. Fingers crossed then

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1 Response to Back at Dads

  1. Dave says:

    Hi Ian & Jane. I was wondering what you have been upto.Hope you found your dad in good health. Welcome back to our lovely British summer it has been a bad summer. Enjoy Wales and don’t forget where we live if you come down this way!! Catch up soon 😎 xx

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