Having a Wales of a Time

IMG_3430Friday 11th August

The weather forecast for today wasn’t very good so we decided on a day catching up on jobs in and around the caravan. I was running behind with the blog so I got up to date with that, and Jane did the ironing. We visited the Rhug Estate farm shop late in the afternoon and I was amazed at how many different types of pork pies that they had, I was very restrained and settled on a small selection of just 4 varieties !


Saturday 12th August

We had pre booked train tickets for a trip up Snowdon and as we drove to the station the weather wasn’t looking promising !


And on on the the journey up the weather showed no signs of improving


I was amazed at how many people had climbed to the top in the awful weather.


But the rain did stop long enough for us to take a selfie of the stunning view!


Don’t look now but the clouds are lifting!


The clouds did begin to lift on our downward journey.


And we got a sense of what we had missed. I will be back, and the next time we will get a site nearer to snowdon so we can react far quicker to the weather and I WILL walk up !



We stopped at Swallow falls on the way back


And although Jane enjoyed the scenery, she was more excited that the town of Betws-y-coed was near and that the prospect of looking around a fine selection of SHOPS, was getting closer!


Sunday 13th August

A nearby walk was recommended to us, so after only a 10 minute drive,


We started the torrent walk,


Which wended its way down a small quiet valley


full of interesting flora and fauna.


After such an energetic stroll, and as the weather was improving we bought the Sunday papers and went to the beach to read them.


And unbelievably when we returned to the caravan  the sun was still shinning !


Monday 14th August

Llangollen was the destination of today’s walk, which was entitled the Sun Bank walk…..


it didn’t quite live up to its name…….


but it was lovely none the less, and quite a tiring 5 mile walk.


We finished with a visit to horseshoe falls before our exciting trip to Aldi!


The drive home took up the famous Horse Shoe pass and the views were stunning!


Tuesday 15th August

The weather at our campsite today was great so we decided to climb the hill behind us..


The tracks were a bit muddy


and some a little wet


but the peace and tranquility near the top was worth it!

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