Back over the Bridge


Friday 25th August

An early start for our journey back to Braishfield to beat the bank holiday traffic. I couldn’t find any way to avoid it so I had to drive over the Severn bridge. I don’t know what I was worried about as it wasn’t as steep  as some we have driven over during the last 7 months!


We had spent the previous day exploring the old Roman town of Caerleon. This is a great place to look around, the museums are all free and very interesting and informative  without overloading you with too much information .


Jane found it so exciting that she tried to take a selfie to show the world!


I enjoyed it so much that I wanted another silly photo of myself.  Jane says I have succeeded again !


Saturday 26th August

I came downstairs to find out where the melodic sound that was filling the house was coming from, and found the Simon and Garfunkel tribute band in full swing rehearsing for their upcoming tour.


Sunday 27th August

On a tranquil Sunday morning I sat down to read the papers in the glorious sunshine, only to find that dad got the mower out.  Some people do pick their moments!


Bank Holiday Monday 28th August

Back in Braishfield I took Jane on a walk down memory lane for me.  Above is a photo of the canal at Romsey, along which I used to walk to school….. all those years ago!


The road sign I saw every school day for 5 years.  Still the same although the school itself has changed beyond recognition.  Oh well I suppose it was 40 years ago that I left!



This was my mum’s house, 7 Riverside Gardens, many memories here, lots of good ones and a few sad.


This was one of my mums favourite places, the salmon leap near the memorial park. (If you look carefully in the far archway under the bridge, you can see a calf making a bid for freedom)!





Tuesday 29th September

Down to Chideock to see our friends Kev and Val. We found Kev hard at work organising the route for our 2019 trip to Budapest. Its a long way off, but I’m getting excited already, its great to have a friend that enjoys and takes time to do such meticulous planning.

Kev said that he had swam in the sea the previous day and that it was warm. He lied! But it certainly was refreshing. I can never seem to walk elegantly on stony beaches!


Friday 1st September

My first game of golf for 6 months! What a motley crew, apparently they hadn’t missed me, as they said they can now play in peace and quiet.


My first sausage sandwich in 6 months…… tasted bloody lovely !


Haircut ready for our trip to Adrian and Ang’s villa on Corfu.


Saturday 2nd September

Sally recommended that we take a trip to Gilberts in Sheffield English to see the dahlias. So with any excuse to put our hats on, off we went!


What a beautiful display. Dad has decided to put in a dahlia border next year, so an order has been placed, now the hard work begins! I’m not sure if dad enjoyed the flowers or the toasted teas cake and coffee more, but it was certainly a lovely afternoon.

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