Friday 9th September

The weather this morning was definitely looking a bit moody!


Yep, looks like there’s a storm coming in!


So we waited in the comfort of the villa, reading, dozing and surfing the internet whilst waiting for the sun to come out. Ange had written down a few suggestions of places to visit so Jane took the time to plan a route. First stop the Durrells house in Kalami, the real house, not the T.V. house ! You can now rent the top floor for holidays and the bottom half is a restaurant.


The second stop was to find my first Greek geocache, it wasn’t too difficult, as there were  lots of clues!


To celebrate the find, we drove to a little bay with a view of Albania………………


We found a little Taverna where we sat and watched the boats coming and going, nothing too taxing you understand !


Kassiopi was our main destination for the day, and what a lovely place it was. It had a tranquil unhurried feel to it (well it did at 4pm, not sure what it’s like at night!)


Jane spotted an ice-cream shop, so we wandered around the harbour with a double caramel special in hand admiring the small yachts. (We also had time to track down 2 more geocaches!)


As we were running a little later than planned, we decided to grab a little snack in Gouvia on the way home, and whilst it was still light, just enough time for one more cache………


Not so lucky this time, and its getting dark, time to give up and get some tea. Nice to see the historic Venetian arsenal though, built in 1778 with rather large windows, you can see why the Venitians came up with the blind idea!


At last, a little snack for tea….. a gyro with chips………lovely!


Saturday 10th September

Well thats not what we were expecting!  A little wet for a game of chess and a little windy for a game of draughts!


After the rain cleared, we went for a walk up the road from the villa. This is a very quiet area with a few houses and lots of olive trees. We walked for about an hour and didn’t see a soul, we did  however see a lot of shot gun cartridges.  I don’t think I want to get on the wrong side of any of these farmers!


On the way back we saw this turkey, he didn’t look too happy, I think someone had just told him its not long until Christmas! He wanted to spend the break on the island of Paxos, but the farmer told him to get stuffed !


Sunday 10th September

Thats better, the sun begins to peak through early this morning and only a little cloud. This is a panoramic view from the bedroom balcony!


So off to Sidari today. The resort itself was ok, but just on the edge is an area of stunning small inlets and bays. This particular photo is of an area named “Canal d’Amour”.


A little further along the coast is Cape Drastis, yet another truly beautiful spot, you can see a small boat anchored in the bay in the distance. Just 3 people had the benefit of that secluded beach!


Further around the coast is Arillas, a little place that we visited the last time we were in Corfu. On that occasion we took time to sit on this bench and contemplate the meaning of life!


An ideal place to sit and watch the sun go down. Me with an orange juice and lemonade and Jane with a vodka and coke……. oh the joys of driving the little white Ferrari!

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