Corfu Town


Monday 11th September

Jane suggested that today we go in to the main town and do a bit of SHOPPING.  With this in mind I set about my daily exercise routine with extra vigour; I didn’t want to collapse halfway around town whilst looking at hand bags!


Corfu town is a mixture of lovely well-kept buildings, and quite a few with a faded elegance which gives this place a character all of its own.


Whilst I was admiring the architecture Jane had spotted something far more interesting. As I was looking for a new pair of swimming trunks I felt that I should join her in her home from home! How disappointing, an M&S on this island, in this heat without any summer wear!


Anyhow back to the architecture. After a good wander around we both found a few bargains, I got 2 pairs of trunks and a pair of shorts, all half price as it was end of season, and Jane got a dress. I can’t see that its end of season as it is still so hot, however I can’t look a gift horse in the mouth!


Back at the villa,  Rachel had noticed a few stray leaves in the pool, and after her hard day’s work with the horses she was there like a shot to get them out!


Jane couldn’t believe that I hadn’t noticed the leaves, I myself think its because she pours my Bacardi and cokes way too strong!


Tuesday 12th September

After such a hard day’s shopping yesterday we thought that a pool day would be in order today.


What a beautiful quiet place (if the dogs don’t bark!) to sit, read and relax. I love travelling and staying in our caravan, but sometimes a break from filling up the water barrels and emptying the loo can be very therapeutic .


At the end of the day, in the cool of the evening, we drove a short way down the road to Dassia for a walk along the beach.


Time for a sundown geocache, and to watch day turn into night !

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