Life’s a Beach !


Wednesday 13th September

Today we did a little more research of places to take Tracy, Kev, Marisa and Chris. Although it’s not an arduous job we still have to put a lot of effort checking the views………..


Checking out the best beaches…….


Checking out the pebbles on the beach and making sure the water is warm enough!  And that took all day, no rest for the wicked!


We were both glad to get back to the villa and watch the Albanian mountains turn red as the sun went down (with a glass of wine of course!)


Thursday 14th September

This is the church of Vlacherna, a lovely building in a stunning location……..


This is one of Corfu’s most photographed spots, sail boats cruise past and people stroll past gazing in to the crystal clear waters…..


However, if you turn around and look behind you, there is the main runway of Corfu’s airport right in front of you ……………


It’s quite fascinating to stand and watch these planes taking off and landing, so close to you that you think you could touch them. And in such a beautiful place too.


Jane could have stayed all day, but I had more important fish to fry……….. namely another geocache to find……….


This time the cache was located on top of a hill overlooking the church, with Mouse Island in the distance. Whilst I went hunting, Jane kept an eye out for incoming aircraft !


Even though Kev and Val aren’t with us on this trip, Kev likes to keep me informed of places that we might like to visit.  He is always reading travel books and planning several trips ahead…………….


He sent me an email about an out of the way beach called Notos……….


Seldom very busy………

FullSizeRender 6

And the calm waters over an exceptionally seabed make it ideal for snorkelling………. so we just had to go……


Just as well the water wasn’t too shallow otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to get my stomach in!!!!!! (must remember to hold it in for photos!)


And so after a hard afternoon of snorkelling, there is nothing better than to sit back and reflect on the days’ adventures!

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1 Response to Life’s a Beach !

  1. Tony Payne says:

    Nothing like quiet beaches and clear warm waters for a bit of snorkelling. Looking forward to some myself in 2 weeks when we head off to Lanzarote.

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