Finding the Durrell’s House


Friday 15th September

A lazy day was planned. After an early morning watching the mist on the Albanian mountains and waiting for the sun to rise…………


…….. we sat beside the pool just chilling, reading our books and catching a few rays……..


……. then to round off an exhausting day Andy came down and cooked a fantastic BBQ, Rachel sipped a glass of wine and offered him some handy hints!


Saturday 16th September

We are both fans of the T.V. series  “The Durrells” which is filmed on Corfu. We wanted to get a picture of the house featured on the programme, but were told that it was difficult as it was located by an hotel complex and not accessible by the beach.


So in the best paparazzi style I set off to get the elusive photograph


After risking life and limb  by wading through uncharted waters……..


Success! The photo that I was after! It looked beautiful.


After a morning walking around Gouvia and Kontokali we decided to check out another of Ange’s recommendations, Pelekas. This turned out to be a bit easier said than done. We followed Andy’s instructions and took the first road sign and then we never saw another! So after an unexpected scenic drive, we ended up at our intended destination, the top of a mountain with stunning views from one side of the island to the other!


If we looked really hard we were sure we could see Age and Ange’s villa! (maybe wishful thinking)


Sunday 17th September

Today was all about a stroll around Corfu town, seeing the sights and doing a bit of geocaching.


The caches are situated in some interesting places and you get to see parts of towns you might not ordinarily visit.


This place, Mon Repos, was situated close to one of the coastal caches. Famous for being the birth place of the Duke of Edinburgh, it too has recently been used as a filming location for the Durrells.


Spoiler alert!! One cache is hidden behind this bust of Gerald Durrell! It looks like it’s a Greek custom to touch his nose!


Now, this ancient ruin is situated overlooking the old port, not me you understand, the building that is!

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1 Response to Finding the Durrell’s House

  1. Tony Payne says:

    Corfu was the location for my “first” honeymoon, and also my first venture to Greece, so I have a fondness for it, even though I have never been back (yet). We also loved the series about the Durrells, terrific job on finding the house and getting some great photos.

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