Trains and Boats and Planes


Monday 18th September A.M

Andy was looking for an experienced helmsman to help take his newly-repaired yacht back to its mooring at Ipsos.


I gave the boat the usual “once over” before taking up the commission ……………..


There were a few last minute things I wanted fixing  before I was happy to set sail on such a demanding voyage………….


IMG_3643 2

So, confident I could get the yacht back to its home port and moor safely I set sail. At the crack of dawn with the sun just rising over the yardarm we left Corfu town for Ipsos.


With Ipsos in sight……………..


…………I stepped out of the way and handed back control to Andy. There was obviously no way was I going to be in charge as we entered the harbour. The boat was berthed with such precision in a gap so small it would of been difficult to park your bike!  Thanks Andy for letting me come along for the ride.


IMG_3649 2

Monday 18th September P.M

After the morning’s expedition, Jane was ready for me to set the compass in the direction of the nearest supermarket to stock up on provisions for the imminent visit of her sisters.  The first stop was the local bakery to get some cakes (really for Kev, but i’m sure we will have some!)

IMG_3659Jane was excited about the family visit and we arrived at the airport in time to see the plane land……….



…………if you look carefully you can see the last two people off of the plane, and of course it had to be Tracy and Kev!


Tracy entered the country in her normal shy retiring way!………….


Closely followed by Marisa, Chris and Kev.



Back at the villa, the first thing everyone wanted to do was jump in the pool. Then it was time for a little light refreshments, beer, wine and bacardi followed by a lovely home-cooked meal! After the peace and quiet of the last two weeks, I think we are in for a lively fun-packed 10 days !  ( P.S There were no trains, it was just the way my mind went!)



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