Time To Go Home




Thursday 28th September

Thanks to Adrian and Ange for a great break in their home in Corfu !

Sadly the last night was all too soon upon us.


We spent the last evening at Aries restaurant in Gouvia, the food was lovely although some of the staff decided to nibble on a table!


Kev looked decidedly worried that the flames were going to get his dinner, so he wolfed it down in double quick time!


Too much time in the sun and too much orange juice and Kev certainly looked TANGOED!


Whilst Zorba the greek is being danced by the hard working waiters, Marisa is checking photos of Rory her new grandson!


We all had a great evening, although Kev was a little quieter than normal!


Marisa was a little suspect about the chicken……………..


Although Jane had a sneaky suspicion !


Jane has tried all manor of ways to disguise her nose picking, we all thought this was the most successful!


Tracy even gave her a round of applause….



Looks like Marisa has got another, more up-to-date photo of Rory. ¬†Chris can’t believe his luck, surely it must be his turn to look at the photos !


Corfu airport, everyone had had a fantastic holiday, and we were all sad to be going home…….. Well there’s always next time!!!!!

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