Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head !


Thursday 19th October

One of the best things you can  do on  a rainy day when you are caravanning in the UK is to visit a National Trust property.  So as the rain poured down we headed off for Sudbury Hall.


Also on site they have the Museum of Childhood. We all had much fun remembering all the toys we played with as kids, Jane was excited to see a hoop and stick just like the one she had as a child, Kev was more excited with all the puddles outside and was sorry he didn’t have his wellies on so he could go for a splash around but Val wouldn’t let him!


Friday 20th October

I have been getting up early every morning and driving to the David Lloyd club in Derby. The first few mornings were a pleasure, as although at 6am it was a bit chilly,  the skies were clear and full of stars. However the last couple of mornings have been very foggy and have added another 10 minutes to the long 40 minutes drive. Still its a very good way to get going in the morning and to start the day. (I’m writing this on Saturday afternoon after having not made it to the gym this morning and this blog is the sum  total of my achievements so far today!)  Friday, late morning we set off in the rain to explore Buxton. Buxton seems like a lovely place, but we really didn’t get much time to look around as the rain was so heavy that we were just running from one piece of cover to the next! We will have to come back and look around in the dry!   We sat and ate our sandwiches in the car like a couple of old farts, just like everyone else in the car park. At least we had a good view!


The rain did stop long enough for a little walk around the village of Ashford in the Water, a very appropriate name !


It was great to stretch our legs and get some fresh air……


But the break in the rain was short lived, so the only thing to do was head to the Chatsworth Estate farm shop and get some more pork pies to quality control, and maybe some cake, its just as well I was down the gym in the morning !


Well, I lasted until the 20th with the sober October challenge, then Kev made we have a glass of wine. We had a bottle of Jongieux, which we had bought in the summer on our trip to France, it was lovely and it didn’t last long ! Oh well we will have to go back next year and buy some more.  I’m not sure if  it was the wine I had drunk or Kev’s pure brilliance at Upwards but I lost again!!!

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