The Peaks


Wednesday 18th October

Its great having your own tour guide with you. Whenever we go away with Kev and Val we can be assured that Kev has done plenty of research of the local area. Today’s outing took us to Dovedale and a walk along this beautiful valley.


The little bit of moisture in the air made the stepping stones quite exciting.


There was a good track alongside the river which made for safe going under foot.


We met up with Olivia and Alice and their Dad along the trail. They were a lot more hardy than us, as they were camping in a tent alongside the river. We were finding it a little chilly in our caravan with the central heating on! The girls took pity on Kev and I and gave us each a chocolate bar, as we looked like we were running out of energy.  Many thanks girls !


After three and a half miles we reached the halfway point, Milldale


Time for a sit down, and our lunch. We attracted a few friends hoping for a few crumbs.(just in case you think I have taken a bad photo, I couldn’t get consent to post the heads in this snap!)


The autumnal colours added to the atmosphere


The walk was fairly quiet with most people just walking from the car park to the stepping stones. They missed a trick, as we all throughly enjoyed the peace and tranquility of this hike!


A little rain on the return journey added to the power of the fast flowing waters.


Time for me to get in touch with my inner caveman, now where’s my club?



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